Collecting Vintage Fountain Pens For Beginners

There are several types of fountain pens that you can begin collecting. This article focuses on collecting vintage fountain pens, but you should know that there are also custom fountain pens, collectible fountain pens, and modern fountain pens. We will focus on helping beginners to get strarted collecting vintage fountain pens.

Pen collectors collect many types of fountain pens, including vintage fountain pens. There is no limit to the criteria for a fountain pen collection. However, vintage fountain pens are highly prized by pen collectors. While collecting modern pens is easier because you can buy them at any pen shop, you will have to hunt for vintage pens.

So where can you find vintage fountaint pens?
Google is one of the best tools for finding fountain pens. Just type in the manufacturer and model of pen you are searching for and Google is pretty good about leading you to a store where you can find your pen. Ebay is also a great online place to find fountain pens. There are many sellers on ebay who focus on selling only mont blanc fountain pens, parker fountain pens, pelikan fountain pens, etc. You get my point. You found this article on the Internet, so you already no how useful the Internet is.

Don’t forget about the offline world. Remember that you can still find great deals on used fountain pens and vintage fountain pens in brick and mortar shops. Estate sales and flea markets are great places to find old pens. Sometimes jewelry stores will also sell collectible pens.

Estate sales are great places to find old fountain pens. Check you local newspaper for estate sales that are taking place in your community and check them out. Often the auction company will be able to tell you ahead of the estate sale whether or not any pens are part of the estate.

Pen shows are also great places to find collectible fountain pens. Many pen collectors and pen hobbyists show up at these pen shows to buy and sell their vintage fountain pens. So use Google to find pen shows in your area. They are a great place to buy fountain pens and to find people who share your love of vintage fountain pens.

So in summary, getting started in fountain pen collecting is as easy as jumping online or visiting your local flee market. Finding an online store is great way to find vintage fountain pens. So get started collecting pens today.

4 thoughts on “Collecting Vintage Fountain Pens For Beginners

  • If you buy online, just be sure you know the details of the return policy. There are no guarantees with what you’ll get online, but if you can at least get your money back, then that reduces the risk associated.

  • I like collecting things that not only have value as objects themselves, but that are actually useful for something too. These would be a good example of that.

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